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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EA Warrington closure a "creative decision"

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will be closing its North West Studio in Warrington as part of a creative decision to consolidate UK studios and create stronger development teams.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, communications boss Tiffany Steckler explained, "The UK Studio has decided to reinforce its development base by bringing the creative teams from disparate locations into one place."

"The idea is to have those people who are working in the North West Studio in Warrington closer geographically to Guildford and Chertsey, to help build a more cohesive entity, to have better synergy across teams, better career opportunities and better sharing of tools and libraries," she added.

"Everybody in the Warrington Studio is entitled to a job in either Chertsey or Guildford, some may have personal reasons for which they can't relocate, but it's very much our intention and our aim to have everybody's job intact," explained Steckler.

"It's not a job-cutting exercise by any stretch of the imagination. The studio didn't close yesterday, there's a process now for the next couple of weeks and months for us to see who can relocate and see where we go from there."

"It's very much a creative decision," said Steckler. "It's not about cutting costs or closing down a studio, it's really in order to help the UK studio grow in scale from one location and get an improved focus on game development."

"If we're all together, it's easier to grow in scale and get a better focus on new IP that's under development, looking at sharing expertise and technologies across teams – that's very much the philosophy behind it."

via gamesindustry.biz

1 comment:

virtuadept said...

I am failing to see how closing down an office is going to improve your team. I'm pretty certain most of the people aren't happy about having to move. And I'm also pretty sure that in this day and age, people can pretty much work from anywhere and still share ideas and technology. Sounds like an excuse to get rid of a rent bill.