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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

GDC07: Nvidia introduces new dev platform

Nvidia has unveiled a new toolkit it says will help developers save money while making their projects DirectX 10 compliant - and the tools already have backing from Crytek and Rockstar San Diego.
The new Developer Toolkit offers instructive code samples, advanced shaders, and performance tuning. Key components include SDK 10, Texture Tools,PerfKit 5, ShaderPerf 2, FX Composer 2, and Shader Library

Cevat Yerli, president of Crytek - whose Crysis is made specifically for Windows Vista - said: “We use the developer tools frequently for performance analysis, optimisation, shaders, and testing. The tools have saved us a significant amount of time and money in the course of our work on Crysis.”

Added Mark Robinson, technical director at Rockstar San Diego: “Nvidia's developer tools are some of the best in the industry. I use FX Composer regularly to quickly prototype shaders, the SDK for inspiring new techniques, and PerfKit for detailed performance analysis and debugging.”

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