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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Convergent thoughts on the iPhone

Having previously argued that convergence is something tech companies seem to show huge appetite for yet consumers seem to show little appetite for, I'll now happily admit I may be wrong. I finally see a convergent device that makes sense, that would appear to appeal to me almost completely. It just seemed that Apple had to make it, that's all. If they can actually launch the thing - on time, in sufficient numbers, globally - and it lives up to even half the promise of their near-perfect presentation, then convergence becomes a pragmatic, useful, beautiful reality.


Apple iPhone

NB: In a stunningly mistimed announcement - the absolute opposite of a slow news day for the mobile market - it should also be noted that Nokia has announced the N800 and N76 smartphone/mobile computers. Their deal with Vox is also worth noting. The latter is interesting, strategically, but I can't see it making the front pages tomorrow, somehow.

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