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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Square Enix looking at Uk Studios

Square Enix's European CEO John Yamamoto has praised European developers' multi-format skills and suggested that the company could follow Sega's lead in acquiring local teams.

Speaking in today's issue of Develop sister magazine MCV, Yamamoto discussed the company's recent successes in the UK and Europe, including the introduction of the latest Dragon Quest game which was released earlier this year - and was the first time a game in the series had been released in the territory.

But as Yamamoto told Develop itself back in March, the next step is to add to the portfolio of Eastern-developed games with a line-up of locally-made ones.

When asked if he was interested in establishing or investing in a studio in Europe, he said: "I am very interested in European development because there are a lot of very good independent studios so we have started having meetings with people right now, and we will keep going.

"Titles I’m looking at are for Europe and also the United States. We have had a few meetings and I think we still need to keep going on that. UK studios handle technology very well – most Japanese companies are making titles for one format, but UK studios have cross format technology and so I’m very interested in those technologies as well."
via Develop Flash

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