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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LGF: Day 1 & 2

Gamasutra is covering the multiple events at the London Games Festival in unrivaled detail, including session write-ups from GDC London, the London Game Career Fair, all the fringe events and the London Games Summit.

GDC London: Midway's Smith On Game Avatars [10.03.06]
Origin and Ion Storm veteran and current Midway designer Harvey Smith gave an intriguing lecture at GDC London on Tuesday discussing "the player to avatar relationship", working out how players relate to characters they play in games.

LGCF: LucasArts' Williams On Game Project Management [10.03.06]
As the first lecture at the London Game Career Fair, Chris Williams of LucasArts, who will be providing a keynote at tomorrow's Game Developers Conference London event, discussed routes into project management for game industry hopefuls.

LGCF: Crytek Digs Inside the ‘Artist’ Title [10.03.06]
Crytek's Michael Khaimzon, art director for Crysis and Far Cry, spoke about issues that affect game artist hiring in a question/answer format lecture at this week's Gamasutra co-organized London Game Career Fair.

GDC London: Epic's Rein - 'Next-Gen Starts When I Say So' [10.03.06]
The ever-entertaining Epic Games VP Mark Rein was bombastic as ever at his GDC London talk, commenting of the imminent debut of the X360-exclusive Gears Of War: "Sony says the next generation starts when they say so - bullshit!"

GDC London: EA Talks Harry Potter Film/Game Influences [10.03.06]
In another fascinating GDC London talk, lighting designer and Weta Digital/PDI Dreamworks veteran Wayne Stables of Electronic Arts' UK studio talked about 'Film Meets Games' with specific reference to the Harry Potter video games, and colleague Will Byles discussed emotion in film and games.

GDC London: Sony's Macdonald On 'Developing for a Networked Experience' [10.03.06]
The keynote at Game Developers Conference London from Jamie MacDonald, VP of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, discussed 'Developing for a Networked Experience', including discussion of alternate revenues and PS3 game object sales.

London Games Festival, Career Fair Opens Doors [10.03.06]
Today sees the opening of the London Game Career Fair, a two-day event that will run as part of this year's also-opened London Games Festival, and is organized by Gamasutra.com in association with UK sites GamesIndustry.biz and Eurogamer.net.

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