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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LGF - Ubisoft MD predicts bright future for games industry

"People are waking up to the importance of videogames"
Speaking at the BAFTA headquarters in London, Ubisoft MD Rob Cooper has predicted that the UK games industry will continue to flourish as new technologies lead to more innovation in development.

"More than ever, people are starting to wake up to the importance of videogames - culturally, artistically and economically," Cooper said.

"The games industry constantly invents and reinvents itself through the development of new technologies, and increasingly, more imaginative, inspired and innovative game content."

Cooper was speaking at an event to promote BAFTA's new videogames awards ceremony. The inaugural ceremony will be held on October 5 at London's Roundhouse.

"I've seen our industry grow from a tiny seed of niche entertainment to a global entertainment phenomenon that rivals the music and movie giants of the world/ And so it's fitting that our success is now recognised by such an esteemed British institution as BAFTA," Cooper continued.

"Gaming is a serious business - a modern art form that can only get bigger and bigger, and it's here to stay."

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