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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Eidos/SCI return healthy results

Eidos' parent SCi Entertainment has posted a healthy set of financials for the year.
Image Sales were up to 180 million UK pounds ($340 million), a ten-fold increase on 2005’s figures. The UK outfit also turned around a small loss to post profits of $56 million.

The firm’s major earners have been Tomb Raider Legend (3 million units worldwide) and Hitman Blood Money (1.4 million) with a total haul of 12 million units. It’s all the more impressive coming off the back of major restructuring of the Eidos brand and company, bought in mid-2005.

“SCi’s results for the 2006 financial year demonstrate the success of the Eidos acquisition,” said chief executive Jane Cavanagh. "In twelve months, through strong management action we have made it profitable, reversing its previous losses.

She added, “We have successfully relaunched key brands and built a comprehensive and high-quality product portfolio to underpin future profitable growth. SCi is financially robust and ideally positioned to take advantage of the growth in Next Generation consoles and the growing demand for mobile and on-line content.”

from Next-gen.biz
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