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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Digra 2007 : Tokyo

The 2007 world conference of Digital Games Research Association is announced.
Research of digital games and related phenomena has attracted growing interest during the recent years, crossing disciplinary and national boundaries. Since its establishment, Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) has aimed to support the international games research community with academic events and other activities. In 2003 the "Level Up" conference was organised jointly with the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, and in 2005 "Changing Views: Worlds in Play" with the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
On behalf of the DiGRA board, we are delighted to announce that the next DiGRA conference will be staged by DiGRA Japan in Tokyo during September 2007. DiGRA Japan is a newly formed national association bringing together games researchers in Japan. The exact dates and the schedule for the submission of papers will be announced shortly. Please follow DiGRA-Announce and Gamesnetwork mailing lists and information at the www.digra.org website.

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