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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2005 News Round Up - EA

"Through December, Next Generation is running a series of features looking at how leading publishers fared in 2005, including the highlights and lowlights."

Electonic Arts

  • Responding to an attack on its turf from Take-Two, EA got serious in the sports market.
  • EA also added to its portfolio of international development subsidiaries, picking up Digital Illusions in January, and along with it, the Battlefield series.
  • The firm also tied up a distribution deal with Valve.
  • EA picked up 20% of its growing French rival, (Ubisoft)
  • This year, the company finally got serious about mobile. Mobile games in the works include Madden NFL, The Sims 2, Need for Speed Underground, Tiger Woods and FIFA. Deals were struck with Verizon Wireless and Sprint.
  • At the end of its financial year, EA managed to break through the $3 billion revenues mark with profits of $500 million, but its Q4 wasn't hot.
  • Steven Spielberg agreed to collaborate on the making of three original franchise games via the EA's Los Angeles studio.
  • A ... new International HQ in Geneva, Switzerland was announced. The company was seeking to move many key roles from its UK office, to a more central position in continental Europe.
  • Gaming's most aggressive collector of AAA IP picked up next generation game rights to The Simpsons. A game based on Superman was also announced.
Taken from Colin Campbell's piece at Next-Gen.biz
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